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Aamir Liaquat was brought to justice by his third wife, Sieda Dania Shah. Not long ago MNA Armil Liaquat married his third wife and now the couple is knocking on the court door.

Dania accused him of domestic violence and demanded that he pay a large number of dependents. When this news came out, it went viral on the internet and people showed their internet about this topic too.

In this article, we will explain what Syeda Dania Shah said when she asked Amir Liaquat for khula (divorce rights). after explaining many interesting aspects of Armil Ryakato and also Sieda Dania Shah.

Dania is known to be the first two people to appear in the divorce court. Syeda Dania Shah is a popular TV personality and the third wife of MNAAmir Liaquat.

She also filed for divorce from Armir, arguing that the legislature was completely different from what was shown on television.

As well as explaining his relationship with the congressman, who said the four-month marriage was painful. Syeda Shah also said that the Amir MP PTI had locked him in a small room.

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